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Now more than ever, improving transfer is a necessary component in enrollment planning. Over 80% of entering community college students express the intention of earning a bachelor’s degree yet sadly, fewer than 25% of them transfer to a four year campus within five years. Community College Transfer LLC works with you to maximize transfer opportunities. Colleges and universities are leaving many unrealized benefits and resources on the table by not capitalizing on the potential in the pipeline. There’s work to be done in two and four year colleges and universities to help students reach their goals. Economics, demographics and national priorities have all lined up to demand a stronger connection between community college transfer programs and four-year institutions. America’s students seek a path that leads to their goals. Community College Transfer LLC is here because Transfer Matters and new insights and strategies are needed to improve transfer policy and results.

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Community College Transfer specializes in the development of your comprehensive Strategic Transfer Plan, working with your team to revi...

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Community College Transfer LLC can assist community and technical colleges in the development of improved strategy to enhance readiness...

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Starting at a community college to earn your bachelor's degree is a smart move that can save thousands of dollars but there are some ri...

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Starting a bachelor's degree at a community college can be a wise and economical option for many students (and their parents).  Unfortunately too many students get stuck and never make the move to a four year campus. There are many ways to ensure a smoother transfer process and improved transferability of courses. With attention and focused planning, you can build a strong bridge that will support your success and progress from your community college to your bachelor's degree.  

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